• We aim to...

    Entertain, inspire & drive change

  • What We Do

    We develop entertaining apps to help people ignite their creativity and to help improve public discourse

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    Voter Info

    Timely and easy access to voter info like polling places and choices

    Voter Info leverages the information from the VIP Project, by The Pew Charitable Trusts and Google, to deliver easy and quick access to relevant voter information. Information is customized to the user's address or current location. Currently available at the Apple App Store

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    Candidate Trivia: 2016 Presidential Election

    A fun way to introduce the candidates and their ideas to the public

    Trivia game for iOS focused on the presidential hopefuls for the US Election of 2016. This app aims to provide a fun and objective way for people to learn about the candidates’ background and proposals. Not currently available, this is not an election year ;)

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    Spark creative business ideas while having fun

    OneIdea is an app that helps entrepreneurs, or just bored people, to brainstorm potential business ideas. At its core, the app randomly creates "mini-pitches" for businesses. Do all of them make sense? of course not. But then, some may spark the idea for the next unicorn company in the Valley!. Download for free at the Apple App Store!

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    Expose people to different points of view for a specific topic

    Challenge the community, get cool pics, share cool pics
    IWAPO stands for "I Want A Pic Of..." and is the app that allows you to challenge the community to share pics about a topic that you like... also, it is fun to pronounce, try it: e-wa-poo. No longer available

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    e-mail notes to yourself, and keep them organized on the cloud

    A new way to create and store notes & reminders - For people that want to quickly save notes, links and thoughts on the go, without the hassle of learning or downloading a new app, remnd.it offers a new way to do it by leveraging the power of e-mail. Web app, currently off-line

  • Who We Are

    Well, for now it's just me...

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    Ninja unicrn

    Ed has several years of experience in strategy, but likes to develop apps on his free time. He is interested in helping people ignite their creativity and develop solutions to combat polarization of political discourse. He also likes to play video games and is on a quest to find the best hamburger in the World

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